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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

8 Ways to Keep Your Hands from Itching Skin With Eczema

Scratching your itchy skin is very much satisfying, at the same time, worsening your skin condition especially if you have eczema. While there are treatments to relieve the itch, there are also simple ways to keep your hands from scratching your skin those red, cracked patches of skin.

How to stop scratching your skin suffering from eczema:

#1 - Use cold compress - Dermatologists recommend putting on an ice cube or cool compress on the itchy area. The cold stimulus may help disrupt the body's itchy feeling, thus breaking the itch-scratch cycle.

#2 - Try focusing on other things - For many, scratching has become an unconscious habit that's hard to break. A psychological tool called "habit reversal" can be done to recognize the habit and do something else when itching begins. It could be using a stress-relief ball, fidget spinner, adult coloring book, or just clenching your fists.

#3 - Know what triggers it - Though eczema is usually caused by genetic issues, it is important to know what factors make it worse. It could be heat or cold, certain fabrics, dust, scented products, detergents, among others. Knowing these triggers can help to avoid worsening it.

#4 - Relax - For some, stress and anxiety are triggering factors to eczema. Recognizing this would help keep the condition controlled. Other things that could help are meditation, yoga, enough sleep, and exercise.

#5 - Avoid hot showers - Hot water may worsen eczema as it releases itch-inducing compounds. Try showering with lukewarm water instead, which is less likely to aggravate the skin condition. Also, use mild, unscented soap to prevent infections from perfume.

#6 - Moisturize - Putting on your trusted lotion on itchy areas could be soothing to your skin and mind, especially before going to bed. Just make sure the lotion is mild and unscented.

#7 - Have your nails cut - In any case that you really can't help scratching your skin, it's best to keep your nails clean, smooth, and short. That way, there would be less damage.

#8 - Consider undergoing light therapy - When itching gets too frustrating, light therapy, also known as phototherapy could be of great help. It uses ultraviolet light to penetrate the outer layers of skin to reduce inflammatory cells and then itching. Though it's rather time-consuming, having to undergo three to four sessions per week for several months, but results can be seen in just four weeks.

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