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Monday, February 5, 2018

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase to Launch Affordable Healthcare Company

Affordable Healthcare

Three of the biggest company in the United States -- Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase -- are coming together for an independent, affordable healthcare company. They aim to make healthcare more satisfactory and more cost-effective for every US-based employee.
Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO, Warren Buffett, said that they will find ways to reduce the "ballooning costs of healthcare act as a hungry tapeworm on the American economy." He believes that in time, such rise in health costs can be avoided with the use of their "collective resources."

The three companies -- with 1.1 million employees combined -- is launching a new and independent healthcare company that will help alleviate the added cost of profit-making incentives and constraints in healthcare. The group's goal is to revolutionize healthcare with the help of their combined assets and capabilities.

Amazon founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos, knows that it would not be an easy task. But he also believes that with their "talented experts, a beginner’s mind, and a long-term orientation," they can achieve success. He also said that "reducing healthcare's burden on the economy while improving outcomes for employees and their families" will be worth it.

The company will be focusing on hi-tech solutions to provide employees and their families with simplified, excellent, and transparent healthcare at reasonable costs.

JPMorgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, aims to give people "transparency, knowledge, and control" when it comes to their healthcare. He is confident that their team-up could create solutions to all Americans.

Still in its infancy, other details about the headquarters, long-term management team, etc. are yet to be established. What's definite is that it will be jointly spearheaded by investment officers at Berkshire Hathaway, Beth Galetti, a senior vice president at Amazon, and Marvelle Sullivan Berchtold, a managing director of JPMorgan Chase
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