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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Never Order These 8 Things at a Restaurant -- Here's Why

Never Order These 8 Things at a Restaurant
Eating healthy can be a challenge when it comes to treating yourself to a restaurant meal. Besides calories, fat, and salt, there are other reasons to be cautious when eating out -- like food poisoning and germs. Yikes! So, here are 8 items you should not eat at a restaurant, and the reasons why.

8 things you should never eat at a restaurant

  1. Tap water - Howard Cannon, CEO of Restaurant Expert Witness and author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting A Restaurant, says that tap water can be one of the most dangerous things to order, unless it is ice cold. Why? Anything between 40-140 degrees can cause bacteria to grow.
  2. Undercooked meat - Undercooked pork and chicken are highly dangerous and could cause food-borne illnesses, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. If it comes to you undercooked, send it back and order something else!
  3. Ice cream - Don't order ice cream because it is way overpriced in a restaurant. If you want ice cream, buy a gallon and eat it at home. The only exception is if the ice cream is made in-house by the restaurant.
  4. Pizza - If you want to go out for pizza, make sure you go to a restaurant known to make pizza with fresh ingredients. Otherwise, you may be paying for a pizza that is basically an upgraded freezer-section pizza baked in a toaster oven and paying way more than it's worth.
  5. Iceberg lettuce - Iceberg lettuce is about 98 percent water, and the price is marked up at least 20 times, according to Peter Chastain, executive chef and owner of California’s Prima Ristorante. Plus, germs can often hide inside lettuce’s cracks, corners, and edges. Yuck!
  6. Best sellers on the menu - Best-sellers on the menu means many people are ordering, so fast food restaurants often pre-make them for fast delivery. Food sitting in the hold area is an easy target for food-borne illnesses.
  7. Open grill foods - It may be fun to watch a chef cook right in front of you, but the food is wide open to bacteria, like customers sneezing and coughing, and food not being properly cooked.
  8. Meatloaf - Unlike other meats, meatloaf can often be disguised with fillers and lots of seasoning. So, you really don't know how much of it is meat, and you may be overpaying for what isn't.

These cautions are less of an issue at better, reputable restaurants. But if you are eating at a fast-food restaurant, these tips are well worth knowing ahead of time.

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