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Saturday, October 7, 2017

A "Cool" Treatment to Get Rid of Fat: Cool Sculpting -- Does It Work?

Cool Sculpting - Does It Work?
Everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to lose weight and get rid of body fat. One of the latest treatments for eliminating fat is called "cool sculpting" which freezes the fat off your body. But, does it work and what are the side affects?

What you need to know about cool sculpting

Cool sculpting is a non-surgical method of treating fat by freezing the fat cells, which causes them to die. The dead fat cells are then naturally eliminated by your body. Although most patients experience some slight discomfort or pressure at the beginning of the application, along with intense cold, for most the discomfort goes away quickly.

Expect side affects

Many patients will experience some potentially moderate nerve pain a few days following treatment. But not everyone is the same. While some may experience no nerve pain at all, there are others who may have more than moderate nerve pain that can last 2-3 days.

Number of treatments

The number of treatments necessary to get rid of fat depends on many factors. One treatment may be all that is necessary if there is a small amount of fat in just one area. The more fat that needs to be removed, and the extent of the area that needs to be treated, will all factor into how many treatments are required.


The pros of cool sculpting is that it is quick, non-surgical, less expensive and requires no downtime, compared with cosmetic surgery or liposuction.


There is some discomfort and potential pain, which can vary from person to person. Also, although results can be seen immediately, the full results can be seen after two months when all the crystallized fat cells are gone, and six months.

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