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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Researchers Create New Method For Checking Blood Sugar Levels -- With a Tattoo!


Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab and at Harvard have created a way to check blood sugar levels without having to prick the skin for a blood sample. A new "smart tattoo" replaces ink with liquid biosensers that change color in response to changes in the blood.

"Smart Tattoo"

There are smart phones, smart cars, smart homes -- why not a smart tattoo? This tattoo uses liquid biosensers instead of tattoo ink to indicate when there are changes in the blood. The tattoo changes color when there are changes in glucose, sodium, and the chemical balance of the blood. The color changes can be blue to brown as blood sugar rises.

The new smart tattoo eliminates the need for needles and pricking the skin for blood samples throughout the day. This means diabetics will have a quick visual indication of changes in their blood sugar level and avoid larger swings that could be dangerous.

Game changer

Other researchers are working on tattoos could make it much easier to test heart health and even brain function, as well as tracking body temperature, hydration levels, and heart rate. Researchers are continuing to test their products which could eventually change the entire way we monitor our health.

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