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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Doing This Can Lower Your Risk For Breast Cancer -- Up to 4 Times!

A recent lab study showed that staying fit can significantly lower your risk for breast cancer. Likewise, not staying fit could increase your risk for breast cancer by up to 4 times greater.

What researchers found out about exercise

Regular exercise is good for overall health; most people get this by now. But exercise has so many more health benefits, like lowering your risk for breast cancer. In the new study published in Carcinogenesis, two groups of lab rats were used to study the effects of exercise on cancer risk. The unfit rats were four times more likely to develop breast cancer than the fit rats.

Although the tests have not yet been performed on humans, the results are impressive enough to expect a similar relationship between fitness and breast cancer in humans.

The study stated specifically, "it appears that the protective effect of HIAC (high inherent aerobic capacity) against breast carcinogenesis (cancer producing) is mediated, at least in part, via alterations in core metabolic signaling pathways deregulated in the majority of human breast cancers."

Breast exams remain very important

Researchers point out that women still need to be observant about signs of breast cancer. But the new research also gives more women an added incentive for regular exercise.

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