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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Study Shows This Food Eaten Every Day Can Kill You

People across the globe have been eating this food for over 200 years. Recent research found that people who consumed this food at least twice a week could more than double their risk of premature death.

How french fries can kill you

Whether it's french fries, tater tots or hash browns, these forms of fried potatoes are loaded with fat and salt. New research that studied the dietary habits of 4,400 people ages 45 to 79 found an important link between frequent eating of french fries and an increased risk of premature death.

The research took eight years to complete. By the end of the study, 236 participants had died. The results of this study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The increased mortality rate is associated with fried potatoes and not just potatoes in general. According to nutritionist Beth Warren, the author of Living a Real Life With Real Food, “It seems that those people in the study who consumed fried potatoes at least twice per week were more likely to have an overall unhealthy lifestyle.”

If you are in the habit of eating french fries twice a week or more, stop and examine your overall eating habits. The french fries may be just one sign that you have developed overall risky eating habits that could cut your life short.

So, next time you eat out, why not order a salad with your meal rather than an order of french fries?

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