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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tight Pants Puts Woman in the Hospital!

Yes, skinny jeans are all the rage, but did you know they can make you infertile? And that applies to both women and men!

How it affects women

One women from Australia ended up in the hospital where the doctors had to literally cut off her skinny jeans when her calves had badly swelled. The jeans were cutting off her blood supply. She spent four days in the hospital and suffered both nerve and muscle damage.

Medical experts also report that tight jeans have been linked to another condition called meralgia parasthetica – numbness caused by pressure on a nerve running from your pelvis to your thigh. Over time, this can cause permanent nerve damage. Yikes!

How it affects men

According to TENA, a Swedish-based company that specializes in products for adults with urinary or fecal incontinence, tight pants and underwear can result in the following for men:

  • two and a half times less fertile sperm
  • twisted testicles
  • bladder weakness
  • incontinence
  • urinary tract infections

Is it worth it? This is a question every woman and man needs to ask themselves!

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