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Sunday, June 11, 2017

These Skin Cancers Have Risen Up to 265% -- Find Out How to Protect Yourself

We all know by now the danger of the sun's UV rays in causing skin cancer. But in spite of all the warnings, there are two skin cancers that have increased at alarming rates. Why?

Beware of these skin cancers

According to new research from the Mayo Clinic, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma have both risen at alarming rates. Basal cell cancer diagnoses have risen 145 percent, and squamous cell cancer diagnoses have increased by 263 percent, compared to previous decades. Basal cell and squamous cell cancer are the two most common forms of skin cancer.

Increase mostly among women

The increase appears to be mostly in women between 30 and 49 years of age (basal cell carcinoma), and women between 40 and 59 and 70 and 79 (squamous cell carcinoma). But why?

Researchers believe tanning beds are part of the problem, although they are not nearly as popular today. But, in addition, UV rays can affect us even though we are not sunbathing. Dangerous UV rays can penetrate car windows and are present even when the sun goes behind the clouds. In other words, we are always at risk.

The solution, according to the experts, is to wear protective sun screen whenever going outdoors. According to the study’s senior author, dermatologist Christian Baum, MD, “This skin damage accumulates over time and can often lead to skin cancer.” Thus the need to take precautions at all times.

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