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Saturday, December 10, 2016

If You Want To Know How To Live Longer, Ask a 100-Year-Old

Living longer is a desire of most everyone. Just how long you live depends on 3 primary factors: genetics, environment and our lifestyle. Although we do not have control over genetics, and perhaps even where we live, we certainly do have control over our lifestyle. Ask anyone who lives to be 100 years old and they will all tell you that what they eat contributes to their longevity.

What do 100-year-olds eat?

The diets of people who live to be 100 may differ somewhat, but there are some very common elements that tie all 100-year-olds together. Here are just a few:

They cook - rather than fast food, 100-year-olds like to cook at home. This is key because it means they are able to control their intake of salt, preservatives and sugar found in take-out or fast foods.

They eat fiber - from oatmeal for breakfast, to spinach, broccoli, and all kinds of vegetables for dinner, old people say they eat lots of this because it prevents constipation and keeps blood pressure and inflammation low.

They dink coffee - yes, they are coffee drinkers. Studies show that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of stroke, depression, Parkinson’s, and more.

They drink very little alcohol - other than a glass of red wine, which has been shown to prevent the formation of cancer cells and prevent brain plaque found in Alzheimer's patients, they are not large consumers of alcohol.

They eat protein - many centenarians are in the habit of eating meat for breakfast, including chicken and sausage. They also eat eggs and cheese. All of these are good sources of protein, and protein is important for cell repair.

They don't overeat - some people live to eat, others eat to live. Centenarians eat just until they are no longer hungry, not until they are miserable.

Find out more about the eating habits of people who live to be 100 years old, and you'll find out the 'secret' to longevity.

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