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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Find Out What Happened When This Woman Gave Up Alcohol For 21 Days

A young woman saw a flyer at her gym about a 21-day workout challenge. The rules stated "no fried food, refined or white flour or rice, no sugar, no dairy, and no alcohol." She decided to try it. After 3 weeks, her waist was smaller and her arms were more muscular. But, it wasn't easy.

A tough challenge

During the 21-day challenge, she also could not drink caffeinated coffee. In the first 5 days, she experienced shakes from cutting out sugar, and headaches from not drinking caffeinated coffee. It was stressful, so she worked 30 minutes a day to help reduce the stress.

Normally, she would go home, relax and have a glass of wine, but that was off limits. Instead, he drank hot water with lemon or a chai tea with soy milk. This was also a big change, and it took some getting used to.

After completing the challenge, here are just some of the health benefits she found:

  • Felt more alert and has more energy
  • Her waist got smaller and her arms got buffer
  • She had fewer headaches and felt happier
  • She doesn't miss the alcohol; in fact, she can go weeks without having a glass of wine.

Another big change was that she learned how to eat healthier. She developed more of an interest in learning about foods that are good for her body and learned how to prepare healthy meals.

The challenge was tough, and there were times she wanted to give up, but she is glad she did it. It changed her life for the better.

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