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Sunday, November 13, 2016

This Information is Causing Doctors to Refuse Treatment to Certain Patients

There is a movement going on across the U.S. involving a growing number of physicians who are denying treatment to certain patients. What is this information and why are doctors turning patients away? Is it another form of discrimination?

Why doctors are turning patients away

The information that is causing a growing number of doctors to turn away patients is vaccinations. Many doctors are now taking a stand not to treat patients who have not been vaccinated according to national medical associations and U.S. government agency standards.

What doctors are worried about

Physicians who have decided not to treat unvaccinated patients are doing so because they are concerned about other patients in the waiting room being exposed to diseases from patients who have not been vaccinated. They are also concerned about their own health. It also creates a daunting task of calling other patients seen by the doctor if one of their unvaccinated patients has contracted a disease and possibly infected others. While doctors respect the decision of parents who choose not to immunize their children, they feel they have a bigger obligation to keep all their patients safe.

The controversy

This growing trend among doctors is raising concerns among the medical profession as well as the public. Some even view it as another form of discrimination against minorities and other low-income families who may not have access to medical care. The question becomes whether or not doctors have the right to choose whom they will treat, or are they violating their own Hippocratic Oath? Is their action an attempt to force all patients to get vaccinated?

There is no doubt this concern will continue to grow and cause controversy just as much as the pros and cons of vaccinations has. Most doctors, however, who take the stand not to treat unvaccinated patients are taking the time to explain their reasons to their patients and giving patients a timeline to decide whether or not they want to vaccinate their children.

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