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Thursday, November 17, 2016

These 7 Snacks Will Keep You Up at Night

Most people like to snack at night. Whether it's habit or due to eating an early dinner and actually being hungry, it's a common practice. But did you know that some snacks will actually keep you from getting a good night's sleep?

Experts have found that these 7 snacks are responsible for keeping people awake at night. Some are no-brainers, while others are a surprise. See what you think.

1. Coffee — This one is the no-brainer. Coffee has caffeine, and caffeine keeps you awake.

2. Chocolate — Dark coffee contains not only caffeine but another stimulant called theobromine, which increases the heart rate and keeps you awake. Try white chocolate instead; it does not contain theobromine.

3. Nuts — Although nuts like walnuts, almonds and cashews contain healthy fats, they are harder to digest and may keep you awake.

4. Cheese — Cheeses contain an amino acid called tyramine, which releases a substance that stimulates the brain and keeps you awake.

5. Soda — Sodas are full of sugar, and sugar is a stimulant that will keep you awake.

6. Citrus - Citrus fruits like lemons can boost mental stimulation and increase energy levels, which will keep you awake.

7. Alcohol — alcohol initially acts as a sedative but later will actually disrupt your sleep.

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