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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Improve Your Appearance, Your Job, And Your Health By Doing This One Thing

Who wouldn't want to look better, feel better and be more successful on the job? You could read tons of books on how to do this, or you could accomplish the same thing by doing just one simple thing. Wake up earlier.

Benefits of waking up earlier

According to Forbes, studies have proven that waking up early provides many benefits. Here are just a few:

  • More productive - early risers are more productive. This equates to better grades for students and more productive results for people in the workplace.
  • More successful - early risers are more apt to anticipate problems on the job and solve them than night owls.
  • More organized - studies show that early birds are better organized than night owls and better at setting goals and planning.
  • More exercise - early risers have more time for exercise than night owls, which means better health, improved fitness, more energy, and more apt to sleep better at night.
  • Better attitude - early risers are more optimistic than night owls.
  • More focused - early risers have more time to focus by arriving at work earlier than others.
  • More family time - getting up earlier leaves more time for family because early risers are more apt to get their work done and not bring it home with them.

Try getting up just one hour earlier and see the results. "Early bird gets the worm." "You snooze--you lose." Well, you get the picture.

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