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Friday, September 2, 2016

What Place in Your Home Has the Most Germs? Hint: It's Not the Bathroom....

Most people would guess that the bathroom has the most germs of any room in the house. But surprisingly, the kitchen sink has more germs than any other place, with about 18,000 bacteria per square inch. Want to know 4 other places in the home where you can find lots of germs?

  • Barbecue grill - shockingly, your barbecue grill and the preparation area around it can have twice as much bacteria as the average toilet seat, according to a British survey. This also includes utensils that can be contaminated by raw meat or animal feces from outdoor exposure.
  • Washing machine - using too much soap in the washing machine can cause mold and mildew to grow. The suds can also trap bacteria into fabric.
  • Bar soap - don't let anyone borrow your bar soap. Why? It can accumulate bacteria, yeast, and fungi if not allowed to dry between uses.
  • Kitchen towels - University of Arizona researchers found 89 percent of kitchen towels carried coliform bacteria, and a quarter tested positive for E. coli.

Here's another question: What's worse to have in your home, flies or cockroaches? The answer is flies. Flies carry disease-causing pathogens which they deposit on everything they touch. They actually reproduce in fecal matter, garbage, and animal carcasses and carry bacteria in the hairs covering their bodies.

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