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Saturday, September 17, 2016

To Shave or Not to Shave -- A Question For Women!

Yes, women across the country are shaving, and not just their legs. They are shaving their faces. Marilyn Monroe did it. Elizabeth Taylor did it. So, why not? Many women love it, and others hesitate because they think their hair will grow back course, like a beard.

The truth about shaving your face

Shaving the face is clinically called dermaplaning. Dermaplaning has many benefits that surpass exfoliating. It is more thorough than facial scrubs and less abrasive on skin. It also removes all hair, even fine ones, and removes dead cells on your skin, making your face look smoother.

The myths about shaving your face

Some women still hesitate because they fear their facial hair will grow back thicker and courser. The truth is, there is no truth in this. Women's hair is not the same as a man's facial hair. Women may notice hairs quicker when they grow back because they are more obvious on a clean shaven face.

The right way to shave your face

According to New York cosmetic dermatologist, Neal Schultz, M.D., it is best to shave your face when it is wet not dry. You can even use shaving cream. If you use disposable razors, use 3 times and then discard, and clean with alcohol after each use. You do not want to take chances on infection. Last, be sure to moisturize after shaving.

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