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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Your Earwax Can Reveal These 6 Health Conditions

No one likes to talk about earwax. The truth is that earwax is perfectly normal. It's there for a reason. It protects the ear canal, helps in cleaning and lubrication, and also protects the ears from bacteria, fungi, insects and water. Paying attention to earwax can reveal something about your health.

What your earwax is telling you...

  1. Color - earwax is normally light orange to dark brown. If your earwax is yellow, green, black or white, see your doctor. You may have an ear infection.
  2. Texture - earwax is normally waxy and moist. If your earwax is dry and flaky, it could mean you have eczema, a skin condition, in the ear.
  3. Odor - normal earwax should be odorless. If your earwax has an odor, see a doctor. It could mean you have an infection.
  4. Earwax that leaks out - this is not normal. Earwax normally stays in the ear. But if your earwax is leaking out on your pillow, you probably have an infection or chronic ear disease.
  5. Itchy - Occasional itchiness is normal, but if your earwax is constantly itchy, it could be a sign of an ear infection.
  6. Blocked hearing - excess earwax can block the ear canal, causing hearing difficulty. When this happens, let your doctor irrigate your ear canal. Don't try this on your own and risk damaging your inner ear.

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