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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

6 Reasons Why E-Cigarettes Are Not The Answer To Quitting Smoking

E-cigarettes are popping up everywhere and being advertised as a safer alternative to smoking tobacco. But are they really safe?

What are e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are vaporizers. They contain propylene glycol or glycerol, along with nicotine and flavoring and are battery-operated. The nicotine gives smokers the satisfaction of smoking tobacco but is supposed to be safer because there is no tobacco. However, recent research shows there are other dangers in using e-cigarettes. Here are 6.

The health dangers of smoking e-cigarettes

  1. Heart - the nicotine in e-cigarettes can make your heart beat faster because it is a stimulant. The American Society of Cell Biology warned that nicotine can damage heart cells and contribute to heart disease.
  2. Cancer - you're not immune to cancer by switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes. Some e-cigarettes contain formaldehyde which can cause cancer and irritate the throat, eyes and nose.
  3. Addiction - e-cigarettes contain nicotine, and nicotine releases dopamine throughout the body, which can often lead to a nicotine addiction.
  4. Poison - the liquid in e-cigarettes are designed to inhale, but these chemicals can be deadly if swallowed. E-cigarettes are especially dangerous around children.
  5. Brain - nicotine can affect memory, attention span, and can lead to serious mental and behavioral problems, including depressive disorder, panic disorder, or antisocial personality disorder.
  6. Explosion - e-cigarettes use lithium-ion batteries which can explode when over-charged are submitted to extreme temperatures, causing severe burns and other injuries.

Bottom line, if you are trying to quit smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes may not be the answer.

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