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Sunday, July 31, 2016

7 Things You Should Avoid Just Before Going to Bed

It should come as no surprise that the United States is among the top 20 countries in the world with the worst eating habits. The U.S. is ranked #5 in population with the worst obesity problem, and 9.39 percent of Americans have diabetes. Not only are Americans eating unhealthy, but they are some of the biggest snackers. This includes the worst habit of eating snacks just before bedtime.

If you must have a snack because you are hungry before bedtime, here are 7 you absolutely should avoid. Why? Sleep is important, and these 7 foods are the worst when it comes to interfering with a good night's rest.

1. Coffee — caffeine keeps you awake by changing the chemistry of the brain. It blocks the action of a natural brain chemical that is associated with sleep.

2. Chocolate — chocolate contains caffeine, and caffeine keeps you awake. A 1.5-ounce Hershey’s milk chocolate bar contains nine milligrams of caffeine, about three times as much caffeine as a cup of decaffeinated coffee.

3. Nuts — contain natural forms of energy, so avoid eating them right before bedtime.

4. Cheese — aged cheeses especially are high in protein and high in fat, which can cause digestive issues that can keep you awake at night.

5. Soda — soda contains sugar, and sugar consumed too late for the body to burn will pump energy throughout your body at night. Sugar eaten at night can also cause nightmares.

6. Citrus - citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits are very acidic and can spike your blood sugar, as well as cause heartburn.

7. Alcohol — too much alcohol actually makes it harder to stay asleep and interferes with REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the deep sleep during which we dream and when we are experiencing the best benefits of sleep.

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