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Monday, May 30, 2016

9 Good Reasons Behind Your Gas -- Hint: It's Not Just the Beans!

Have you ever wondered why beans give you gas? It's because they contain a sugar molecule that can't be digested in the stomach or the small intestine, so it ends up going directly into the large intestine where bacteria breaks them down and releases gas. But it's not just beans that can cause gas, otherwise known as flatulence. There are other reasons behind those toots.

9 causes of flatulence

  1. Coughing - it's not the cough but the air you swallow just before you cough that makes you gassy. The sweeteners in cough syrups can also cause gas.
  2. Running - for the same reason -- swallowing air -- along with breathing heavy and drinking water, running can make you gassy. Other types of exercises can have the same effect.
  3. Infections - urinary tract, yeast and kidney infections can all cause gas. It can increase if you are taking medications for the infection.
  4. Chewing gum and drinking with a straw - both of these involve gulping air, and taking in air can build up gas. This also includes puffing on a cigarette. This one can easily be resolved by stopping cigarette smoking!
  5. Change of sleep patterns - believe it or not, a change in sleep patterns can cause you to feel more gassy. Your body gets used to functioning on a predictable schedule. Altering sleep patterns will change the movement of water through the intestines, creating more gas.
  6. Stress - we know stress is bad for blood pressure and heart health, but it can also increase hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract and cause gas to build up in your intestines.
  7. Aspirin - many people take aspirin every day for pain or for heart health. But up to 83 percent of people who take aspirin also experience gas.
  8. Starchy food - most people love pasta, but starchy foods like pasta, potatoes and rice eaten at restaurants can cause gas. Why? Unless you are eating at a fine restaurant or at home where the food is fresh, it's the reheating of the food that can cause bloating and gas.
  9. Beans - last but not least, beans have taken a beating for many years as the flatulence producer. But beans are joined by other offenders such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and certain fruits. These foods are actually good for you, so just eat them slowly in order to give them time to digest.

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