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Sunday, April 10, 2016

An Aspirin A Day May Keep This Away...

Aspirin thins the blood. It has been recommended by the American Heart Association, under a doctor's care, for people at high risk for heart attack and for heart attack survivors. But new research has also shown that taking low-dose aspirin can also be good for the brain by slowing the effects of memory loss. How?

How aspirin affects the brain

New research at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden showed that taking low dose aspirin can slow the decline in memory. The 5-year study involved 700 women over the age of 70. After 5 years, the women who were given low dose aspirin fared better on cognitive tests than the women who did not take the aspirin.

Cure for Alzheimer's Disease?

Aspirin is largely prescribed for patients with cardiovascular disease. It fights inflammation and thins the blood. Researchers wanted to know if aspirin might also reduce vascular disease in the brain and, thereby, delay the losses of cognitive function in these patients.

The research showed that aspirin can slow the aging affects on the brain, but it is too early to assume that it has an affect on Alzheimer's disease. Although only 41 of the women who participated in the study developed dementia during the five years of research, dementia often takes years to develop. In addition, none of the women in the study had any serious problems with memory at the time the study began.

Researchers, however, are optimistic about the results and will continue to study the long-term effects of aspirin on Alzheimer's.

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