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Thursday, March 31, 2016

These 10 Habits Can Kill a Relationship

Relationships are hard enough to maintain without doing things deliberately to ruin them. Many couples, however, are not even aware that they are doing things that will not only hurt but can destroy their relationship.

10 habits to avoid in any relationship

  1. Being jealous and overprotective: This can put tremendous stress on any relationship and kill it for sure.
  2. Holding a grudge: Keeping track of mistakes will make you defensive, and this can hurt a relationship.
  3. Fighting: No, it is not a sign of true love to be fighting all the time. It only makes matters worse.
  4. Holding back: If something bothers you in a relationship, speak up. Holding back is dishonest and will breed resentment.
  5. One sided: You cannot have it your way all the time, but neither can your partner. Compromise and balance is the key.
  6. Silent treatment: This is a deadly habit. Nothing is ever resolved by staying silent.
  7. Blaming your partner: Hey, your partner can't be blamed for everything. Be reasonable and see both sides.
  8. Checking your partner's phone: Really? If you trust them that little, maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship.
  9. Comparing your partner with your ex: This is also a killer. They are two different people, not one in the same. Look at your partner as a unique person.
  10. Showing love with material things: Love is not gifts but showing how much you care for the other person. This is most effectively done with support, respect, forgiveness, and a whole lot of other things that money can't buy.

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