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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Brown Eggs or White Eggs -- 5 Myth Busters About the Colors of Food

Did you know there are a great variety of foods that come in different colors? Take eggs, for example. Your grandmother probably always bought brown eggs because she thought they were better. But is one color any different than another?

5 myth busters and truths about food color

  1. Brown or white eggs: No difference as far as nutrition goes. The truth is that chickens with white earlobes lay white eggs, and chickens with red earlobes lay brown eggs.
  2. Green peppers or red peppers: They are basically the same vegetable. Red peppers are simply aged green peppers that have stayed on the vine until maturity and for that reason may have more nutrients.
  3. Orange/purple/red/yellow carrots: Many people don't even know that carrots come in different colors, but everyone knows that are rich in beta carotene and fiber. In addition, purple carrots may prevent heart disease, red carrots can lower risk of certain cancers, and yellow carrots are good for healthy eyes and cancer prevention.
  4. Red or white potatoes: Both potatoes contain equal amounts of vitamins. However, white potatoes have more starch but less sugar than red, and red potatoes have less starch but more sugar than white or russet potatoes.
  5. White or yellow onions: Yellow onions are milder in flavor and represent about 90 percent of the onions grown in the U.S. White onions have a sharper flavor.

The difference is negligible so the best approach is to eat a variety of all colors of the same foods to get the most nutrients and vitamins possible.

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