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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Losing Weight Can Be As Easy As Just Switching Food -- Here Are 8 Ideas

Losing weight doesn't have to be that hard. As with most things in life, start slow. One way is by merely changing out food choices each day. This is something you can build on and, before you know it, you will be losing weight like crazy. Why? Because you're choosing foods that are lower in calories and fat to replace what you're eating now.

8 food swap ideas:

  1. Steak: Cut your portion from an 11 oz. ribeye steak to a 6 oz sirloin steak and drop 486 calories.
  2. Bagels: Switching from a Dunkin' Donuts multigrain bagel to an Einstein Honey Whole Wheat Bagel can save you 230 calories.
  3. Salads: Changing from your usual Panera Chicken Cobb with Avocado salad with BBQ ranch dressing to their Cosi Cobb Salad can cut 262 calories.
  4. Sandwiches: Subway wins when it comes to sandwiches. You can save 350 calories by switching from a Starbucks Old-Fashioned Grilled Cheese Sandwich to a Subway 6-inch Veggie Delite on nine-grain wheat bread.
  5. Ice cream: Ice cream is hard to resist. If you must indulge, you can cut 100 calories by switching from a Klondike Original Bar to a Skinny Cow Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich.
  6. Pasta: Changing from regular cooked spaghetti with 2/3 cup each ground pork and marinara sauce to 1/2 cup cooked Barilla Protein Plus spaghetti with 93 percent lean ground turkey, and Barilla Traditional Sauce can save you over 400 calories.
  7. Italian: If you're going out for Italian food, you can save yourself 820 calories if you eat Olive Garden lunch menu Eggplant Parmigiana (eat half) vs Macaroni Grill Eggplant Parmesan.
  8. Seafood: Not all seafood is the same. Choosing Cheesecake Factory lunch menu Simply Grilled Salmon over Joe’s Crab Shack Cedar Roasted Salmon can cut 580 calories.

Start experimenting today and see what a difference it makes. As you visit restaurants, pay attention to the calories in your favorite foods, and then compare to see which one offers the best choice with the least amount of calories.

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