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Sunday, January 17, 2016

10 Simple Tips on How to Save $$$ on Hospital Costs

No matter what kind of health insurance you have, you will end up paying at least a portion of it. So, what you are being billed for at the hospital matters a great deal. The lower the bill, the smaller the portion you will be responsible for. So, here are some tip on how to cut hospital bill costs.

10 tips on cutting hospital costs

  1. Make sure you are admitted: If you go to the hospital and they just keep you for observation before sending you to rehab, Medicare will not pay for it. You must be admitted first.
  2. Bring your meds from home: Make sure you bring your bottles of prescriptions from home. The hospital will check them out, but if you don't bring your own meds, you'll avoid the higher cost of the same meds from the hospital pharmacy.
  3. Bring your own toiletries: Bringing your own boxes of tissue, soap, lotion and other toiletries can not only save money but add to your comfort by using products you like.
  4. Choose your own hospital: Yes, you can shop around for hospitals -- beforehand. Find out what they charge, and ask around to see how satisfied others were. Teaching hospitals are generally on the cutting edge of medical research.
  5. Choose your own rehab center: Again, check out what different rehab centers in your area charge, and what their reputation is. If you make a choice before you need their services, it makes the decision much easier.
  6. As questions: You are the patient, so make sure you or someone in your family asks questions about all the procedures and tests. Since you are paying part of the cost, it's your right to know how necessary each test is.
  7. In-network care: Find out if the hospital, doctor, surgeons, and specialists are in your network or out of your network. You will end up paying much more if they are not within your provider's network of approve medical service providers.
  8. Recover fast: If you do exactly what the doctor tells you to in order to recover faster, you'll be released quicker. That means less money you'll end up paying for hospital care.
  9. Pay attention: Pay attention to how often the doctor sees you, and how often specialists visit you. The cost of daily visits from specialists, in particular, can drive up hospital costs, so ask your doctor if these daily visits are necessary.
  10. Check your hospital bill: Make sure you carefully check your hospital bill when you get home. Review it with a family member or someone who was with you the whole time. Hospitals make mistakes in billing all the time. So review each line item to make sure you are being billed accurately for procedures, medicines, visits, and even the right amount of days you spent in the hospital.

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