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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Nail Biting and 3 Other Annoying Habits -- Find Out Why We Do It

Nail Biting and 3 Other Annoying Habits -- Find Out Why We Do It
People often develop annoying habits that drive their friends and family crazy. Yes, biting nails, twisting hair, clearing the throat, and other things are annoying, but there are reasons why people do what they do. It might help to understand the underlying reasons for these irritating repeated actions.

4 annoying habits and their causes

  1. Biting nails - this is a very common habit. It is done to relieve feelings that include stress, boredom, anxiety, anger, or as a way to relax, according to a study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. As with most annoying habits, most people are not even aware that they are doing it.
  2. Clearing the throat - this refers to not just occasional but frequent clearing of the throat. There is a reason for it. Most causes are overproduction of mucus. Allergies, dust mites, and other allergens can build up mucus in the throat. It can also be due to acid reflux which causes mucus to attach to throat tissue. Both conditions can be cured with medication, including over the counter.
  3. Being a hypochondriac - this is someone who is always complaining about their health. They constantly feel that something is wrong with them. It is in itself a real illness called illness anxiety disorder (IAD). It can be caused by depression, stress, or a traumatic experience. Therapy and antidepressants can help.
  4. Ear-splitting sneezing - you know the person. They sneeze so loud it scares everyone around them. Abdominal strength, lung volume and the size of the trachea can all cause sneezes to be much louder than normal. If you are a loud sneezer, put your index finger at the base of your nose and push up when you feel a sneeze coming on.

Those who are the causes of annoying habits will be glad to know there are solutions. Understanding the underlying causes will also help others appreciate that there are real reasons for most annoying habits.

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