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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Got Gas? 3 Foods That Cause Bloating -- And 3 Foods That Will Get Rid of It!

Got Gas? 3 Foods That Cause Bloating -- And 3 Foods That Will Get Rid of It!
Gas and bloating are one of the most uncomfortable feelings. You feel like the Michelin Man and your jeans don't zip up. Most bloating is caused by the foods we eat, which means bloating can be avoided in the first place if you know what causes and cures it.

3 foods that cause gas and bloating

  • Cruciferous vegetables - this group of vegetables includes Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, and asparagus. They are some of the best foods to help prevent cancer, but they can also produce gas and bloating. That's because they contain sugars that are hard to digest. If you eat them with fatty foods, it will slow down the digestion even more.
  • Beans - everyone knows about this one. Beans also have sugars that are hard to digest, and anything that stays in your digestive tract too long is going to produce gas. Try soaking beans at least 8 hours before cooking, and be sure to rinse thoroughly canned beans.
  • Bran - bran has lots of fiber, which is very good for overall health, but fiber can produce gas. So, if you're eating bran cereal or muffins, be sure to drink lots of water to help them digest faster.

3 foods that will get rid of bloating

  • Chamomile tea - this herbal tea is made from the delicate chamomile flowers and is one of the oldest teas around. It's anti-inflammatory powers not only settles your tummy, but it has other medicinal benefits that can treat insomnia, anxiety, and even skin disorders.
  • Yogurt - yogurt contains active cultures that help increase good bacteria in your tummy that will counteract gas and bloating.
  • Spices - certain spices such as rosemary, bay leaf, and ginger are able to break down indigestible sugars in foods that cause gas and bloating. Adding these spices while cooking is an easy way to prevent bloating.

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