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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Crazy -- And NOT in a Good Way!

10 Things Women Do That Drive Men Crazy -- And NOT in a Good Way!
There are two basic reasons why women want to look their very best. One is to feel good about themselves, and the other is to attract men. But little do many women know that many of their beauty practices are actually a turnoff to men. Here are 10.

What turns men off about women, according to Allure magazine

  1. Too much makeup - too much makeup, including foundation, blush and powder, not only makes you look older but can rub off on your man's shirt. Men do NOT like that.
  2. Too much perfume - don't overdo it with the perfume. Just a couple sprays will do it and not suffocate your guy.
  3. Unshaven legs - unless you live in a country where this is cool, most guys don't like unshaven legs. This includes stubble and missed shaven spots.
  4. Dry skin - no one likes dry skin, especially men. Take the time to hydrate your skin all over, especially in the harsh winter months.
  5. Yellow teeth - bright, white teeth are in. Men especially do not like to see yellow teeth in women. Use a whitener and keep those pearly whites white.
  6. Raccoon eyes - as with all cosmetic use, use sparingly. Yes, the smokey eye look is in, but if you don't know how to properly apply it, or use too much, it will turn guys off.
  7. Gaudy manicures - keep your nails well manicured, but avoid gaudy patterns, glitter, blinding colors and even black polish if you're trying to attract a guy.
  8. No-no's with hair - guys also do not like over-sprayed and stiff hair dos, or hair filled with glitter, feathers, and other accessories. Hair should be a thing of beauty all by itself.
  9. Bright lipstick - lipstick that is too bright and bold, including black, may turn men off.
  10. Sticky lip gloss - if you must use lip gloss, spend a little more to get a good one that isn't sticky. Most guys don't want to get permanently attached with the first kiss.

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