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Friday, July 10, 2015

A Cure For Alzheimer's Disease? Scientists Think They Are Close!

A Cure For Alzheimer's Disease? Scientists Think They Are Close!
Alzheimer's disease affects 5 million Americans. Unlike other diseases, it cannot be cured or prevented. Scientists have been studying the causes of Alzheimer's for years, trying to solve its mystery and find a cure. Recent medical research indicates they may be very close to finding a way to prevent this terrible disease.

Finding a cure

Some of the areas that scientists are focusing in on as providing answers to Alzheimer's include:

Alzheimer's linked to heart health: Researchers discovered that people who have decreased heart function due to stiffened arteries are three times more likely to develop significant memory loss over a period of up to 11 years.

Dysfunctional proteins: Researchers know that a protein called tau can clump in the brain and prevent nutrients from flowing through. They are now testing the use of anti-amyloid treatments on 500 patients to see if it will aid in controlling tau from growing into twisted tangles.

Using existing drugs to treat Alzheimer's: Yale University School of Medicine researchers are testing a cancer drug on Alzheimer's patients in a clinical trial. The cancer drug, saracatinib, is known to restore memory loss and reverse brain damage in mice.

The timing...

These are good findings that are getting researchers closer to being able to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease. The problem is that research takes time. Many of the clinical trials can take anywhere from two to five years or even longer. Although drugs to treat Alzheimer's are available, they still don't prevent the decline of brain function and brain cell destruction that occurs with the disease.

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