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Thursday, July 30, 2015

95% of People Wash Their Hands Wrong -- Leaving Germs Behind -- Yuck!

95% of People Wash Their Hands Wrong -- Leaving Germs Behind -- Yuck!
It's true. Most people do not wash their hands correctly, so germs remain on the hands and increase their chances of getting sick. Is there a right and wrong way to wash your hands? You bet!

Do these 5 things to wash your hands correctly

  1. Scrub, not just wash, your hands for 20 seconds or more with soapy water
  2. Wash thoroughly. This means scrubbing under the nails, around the cuticles and between the fingers. And, of course, wash BOTH sides of your hands.
  3. Dry thoroughly. This may sound strange, since most people feel clean is accomplished after scrubbing. According to the Mayo Clinic, drying hands with paper towels is better than using driers because towels don't spatter germs back on the skin.
  4. Wash often. During the day, most people come into contact with all sorts of public places where germs breed. Examples are door knobs and handles, elevator buttons, and ATMs. So, don't just wash your hands after using the restroom. Wash them after touching anything public.
  5. It's OK to use lukewarm water. Technically, heat kills germs, but at a temperature of 212 degrees. No one wants to put that kind of heat on their hands. As long as you scrub and spend time washing your hands thoroughly, lukewarm water will do the trick.

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