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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

New "Broccoli" Pill Provides Benefits of Eating 5.5 Pounds of Broccoli in One Day

Broccoli Pill

Why is broccoli so good for you in the first place? It's considered one of the top sources of natural plant chemicals shown to help lower the risk of some cancers. But if you are one of those who simply do not like broccoli, there is good news. Now you can just take a broccoli pill.

Broccoli pill stronger than eating broccoli

Researchers have now developed a synthetic form of sulforaphane in pill form which contains the equivalent of eating 5.5 pounds of broccoli a day -- good news for people who do not like broccoli. In animal testing, synthetic sulforaphane has been effective in lowering the risk of cancer and slowing cancer growth, and researchers say the synthetic form is more stable than the natural form. Clinical testing on humans is ongoing, but results won't be released until next year.

Why broccoli is so important

Broccoli, along with Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower, contain a substance called sulforaphane which medical researchers have shown actually kills cancer stem cells. In addition, is is effective for other health problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure) and kidney function. Broccoli has the highest level of sulforaphane.

For those who enjoy eating broccoli, the best part of the broccoli is broccoli sprouts. This is where the highest concentration of sulforaphane resides.

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