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Sunday, May 10, 2015

If Your Feet Could Talk, They May Be Saying You Have One Of These 5 Diseases

If Your Feet Could Talk, They May Be Saying You Have One Of These 5 Diseases

When it comes to problems with the feet, about 75 percent of Americans will experience some kind of health problem with their feet during their lifetime. But did you know that your feet can also tell you when other parts of your body are ill?

What your feet can tell you

If you know what to look for, your feet can also show you signs of other health problems going on within your body. This can include serious health issues such as heart disease, diabetes and thyroid disease. Here are just 5 signs to look for in your feet that may indicate you have other health issues going on.
  1. Ulcers that won't heal - sores on the feet that won't heal could be a sign of diabetes. This is a common sign of diabetes, along with tingling or numbness of the feet.
  2. Red streaks under the toenails - red streaks under either the toenails or fingernails could indicate endocarditis, an infection of the heart’s inner lining. If this occurs, you should see your doctor right away to check your heart and blood circulation.
  3. Black line under the toenail - this could mean a condition called hidden melanoma, a type of skin cancer that is most common in dark-skinned people. The line will run from the base to the tip of your toenail.
  4. Clubbing - clubbing is a physical sign characterized by bulbous enlargement of the ends of one or more fingers or toes. This often indicates lung cancer, chronic lung infection, heart disease, or intestinal disease.
  5. Enlarged and painful big toe - also known as gout, this condition often comes after eating foods such as red meat, alcohol and fish that are high in purine, a chemical compound. This type of arthritis affects the joint of the big toe and is very painful.

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