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Sunday, April 12, 2015

5 Tips On How To Live To Be 116!

5 Tips On How To Live To Be 116!
Want to live to be 116? If you do, you can get some good advice from the most recent oldest living person. Gertrude Weaver reached well over 116 years old before she passed away just a few days ago. How was she able to live so long? Here is Gertrude's advice.

  1. Use skin moisturizer
  2. Be nice to everyone
  3. Love your neighbor
  4. Eat your own cooking
  5. Stay away from fast food restaurants

Simple but true

Gertrude's advice is simple yet true. She adds to the list above the importance of trusting in the Lord and hard work. The advice may seem simple, but it certainly worked well for Gertrude. Born in 1898 in southwestern Arkansas, Gertrude was born the daughter of sharecroppers which no doubt taught her the value of hard work. Gertrude officially became the oldest living person in the world on March 31, 2015 following the death of Misao Okawa in Osaka, Japan, and held that title until her death just 5 days later.

Gertrude is survived by her son Joe, who turned 94 the day after his mother died.

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