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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Here's What 10 People Told President Obama About Their Health Care

President Obama recently met with some people who had written "thank you" letters to him and his administration thanking them for the Affordable Healthcare Act. He invited ten of them to come to the White House and personally share their experiences.

Here's what they had to say:

#1 - Derrick Benn, San Francisco, CA
When the Health Insurance Marketplace opened in 2014, Derrick shopped on California's state-based health exchange and realized that he qualified for Medicaid.

#2 - Dr. Susanne Choby, Morgantown, WV
Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Susanne -- a psychiatrist from Morgantown, West Virginia -- rarely encounters a patient without coverage. And now, she can comfortably afford her own personal coverage, giving her the freedom she needed to start her own practice.

#3 - Ann Chrisman, Westport, CT
When the Health Insurance Marketplace opened last year, Ann found out that she qualified for Medicaid in her state. That coverage finally gave her the opportunity to see a doctor -- and catch her breast cancer very early.

#4 - Tonya Fisher, Dallas, TX
Early last year, Tonya underwent brain surgery -- "in no small part due to the compassion and foresight you demonstrated in creating and fighting for the Affordable Care Act," she told the President.

#5 - Lynnette Jackson, Hyattsville, MD
When Lynnette wrote the President last August, she was about to make her first doctor's appointment in more than five years. That's because she's now covered thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

#6 - Don Kuk, Phoenix, AZ
After getting health insurance last year, Don got a general checkup followed by a routine colonoscopy -- which found a large, cancerous tumor. Now it's gone, and Don is cancer-free, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

#7 - Regina Moran, Philadelphia, PA
By the time she was 25, Regina -- a social worker from Philadelphia -- had already battled cancer twice and had undergone numerous surgeries. Before the Affordable Care Act, she was paying almost $700 a month for her health insurance.

#8 - Naomi Rosan, Roberta, GA
A widower, Naomi lives off her husband's Social Security, and so she qualified for tax credits that have put her monthly premiums under $5 a month. She later got x-rays -- which showed no cartilage on either hip -- and scheduled a right hip replacement.

#9 - Maria Villavicencio, Fairfax, VA
After signing up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace last year, Maria's premiums went down to only $36 a month. And her coverage was, in her own words, "far better" than what she had before.

#10 - Darlene Whitted, Cary, NC
In 2012, Darlene dropped her health insurance because, at almost $500 a month, she could no longer afford it. But under the ACA, Darlene has been able to afford her health care for the past two years without crippling herself financially.

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