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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Not Eating Before You Work Out Does This to Your Body!

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Actually, eating before you work out is a good thing. So is eating after a workout. But in order to reap the best benefits from both, you need to understand what to eat and how much.

Eating before a workout

Eating before you work out is important in order to have energy. Exercise burns fat. If you don't eat, your body has no choice but to attack your muscles instead. You don't want that! The rule of thumb on eating before a workout is a full meal four hours before, a small meal 2-3 hours before or a snack one hour before a workout.

Eating after a workout

After a workout, hunger will eventually set in, usually about an hour following a workout. Caution should be exercised when eating directly following a workout. Eating too soon or too much can cause stomach cramps. This is the time to eat small portions of proteins, like eggs that will replenish tissue and restore some of the energy lost during workout.

What to eat

Proteins are good ongoing but not before you exercise. During exercise, the body burns up carbohydrates and fats, so eat foods rich in these before you work out. This can include whole grain breads, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, milk or yogurt. If you don't eat before you exercise, you're not going to have enough energy to complete your workout. The time to eat proteins is at least an hour after a workout, in small amounts. Good foods to eat include vegetables, berries, bananas and nuts.

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