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Saturday, January 31, 2015

These 5 Places In Your Home Have More Germs...Than Your Toilet Seat!

Guess What 5 Places In Your Home Have More Germs Than Your Toilet Seat!

If you think your toilet seat is the dirtiest place in your home, guess again. There are other spots that contain even more germs than the bathroom. Can you guess what they are?

  1. Cutting boards - yes, the cutting board you use in your kitchen can have up to 200 times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat, according to research from the University of Arizona. Why? Because raw meat contains fecal bacteria from dead animal internal organs.
  2. Your smart phone - researchers in Britain found in a 2013 study that tablets have up to 600 units per swab of staphylococcus which can cause severe stomach sickness and smart phones had up to 140 units, compared to less than 20 units found on a toilet seat.
  3. Carpeting - you can't see it, but bacteria lives in your carpet. About 200,000 bacteria live in each square inch of carpet, which is about 700 times more than the amount found on your toilet seat.
  4. Computer keyboards - have up to 5 times as many germs as a toilet seat, according to studies by British researchers.
  5. Faucet handles - the handles on your kitchen faucet can have as much as 44 times the bacteria of your toilet seat.

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