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Friday, January 16, 2015

7 Foods That Will Curb Your Appetite!

7 Foods That Will Curb Your Appetite!
The most difficult part of trying to lose weight or just maintaining a healthy weight is dealing with hunger. That urge to eat is always there. Eating healthy is important but eating healthy amounts is also vital to your overall health. The key to fighting hunger pains is to eat foods that fill you up. Here are 7 suggestions.

Oatmeal - this is a great food for breakfast. Not only does it have lots of fiber to fill you up, but it also lowers cholesterol and decreases the risk of heart disease.
Pears - pears have more fiber than apples. For best results, leave the skin on. The skin has an antioxidant called quercetin which can prevent cancer and artery damage.
Brussels sprouts - this may not be a favorite with many, but Brussels sprouts are actually recommended by the American Cancer Society because they contain cancer-fighting substances. They are also high in fiber.
Kidney beans - this versatile little bean can be added to soups, salads and chili. Just one cup will fill you up.
Chickpeas - this is another veggie than is high in fiber and can be added to salads and soups. Studies have shown that eating beans four times a week can lower cholesterol by as much as 22 percent.
Oranges - yes, they are high in vitamin C, but they are also high in fiber.
Barley - this grain is very high in fiber and can be added to a number of dishes, including soups, salads and side dishes to add more fiber to your diet. Think Beef Barley Soup -- mmmmm!

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