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Thursday, November 13, 2014

5 Ways You Can Identify a Health Insurance Scam

If you are one of thousands of Americans looking to make changes in your healthcare insurance, make sure you talk to a legitimate health insurance representative. Scammers are everywhere, and once they have your personal information, your financial security may be compromised.

How to recognize a scam

If you are working with a health insurance company that you know and trust, that is good. But many scammers are very active contacting people by mail, phone and email to try to get them to sign up for health insurance.

 How do you know if they are legit? Here are 5 things to watch out for, according to the Ohio Attorney General's Office:

1. Did they clearly identify the name of their company?
Legitimate companies will immediately identify not only the name of their company but also the representative's name.
2. Did they ask for your Social Security number?
Legitimate companies will never ask you to give them your Social Security number over the phone, and you should never provide it.
3. Did they ask for your Medicare or credit card information?
Again, legitimate companies will never ask for personal information on the phone.
4. Did they try to pressure you into signing up right away?
No legitimate company will tell you that if you don't sign up today, the offer is gone. Don't buy it.
5. Do they have a legitimate web site?
Some scam artists will try to copy a government web site. Before you agree to anything, check the official web site to make sure it is for real.

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