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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The 5 Absolutely Worst Foods That Will Ruin Your Complexion

Woman with acne

No matter what you wear or how shapely you are, if you have bad skin, it ruins the whole package. Bad skin, particularly acne, is something many people struggle with. And they may continue to struggle into adulthood, long after the adolescent years have passed. What can be done about bad skin?

A perfect complexion is not something everyone is born with. Even for those with good skin, taking care of their skin is important in order to maintain a clear, glowing complexion. The skin is considered an organ, and skin often reflects your overall health. So, eating healthy is important not only for a good complexion but for overall health.

Here are five of the worst foods that can ruin a good complexion:
  1. Processed foods - processed foods are so stripped of anything that's good, they are empty calories. In other words, they are not doing anything for you nutritionally, just filling your tummy, and a lack of good nutrients will show up in your skin.
  2. Dairy products - it's not just the milk or milk products but the hormones that dairy cows are fed that can cause acne. It is best to cut down on dairy products if you have acne, and when you do eat dairy products, try natural full fat, hormone-free dairy products.
  3. Fried foods - your mother and grandmother were right. Fried foods have long been known to aggravate skin problems. Foods fried in thick fat interfere with the flow of oxygen to the skin, not to mention what it does for the heart!
  4. Sugar - too much sugar weakens the body's ability to fight off bacteria, causing acne and other skin conditions.
  5. Caffeine - yes, too much caffeine is bad for the skin because caffeine increases cortisol in our bodies, damaging the skin and also making you look older faster.
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