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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Walmart in the Health Care Business? Find Out Why...

An article recently published in The Fiscal Times, a news analysis and opinion publication based in New York City and Washington, D.C., may have raised many eyebrows concerning an unlikely source getting into the health care industry. The article, written by Brianna Ehley, will likely foster a great deal of thought among readers about whether or not Walmart should expand into health care.

Walmart's health care plan

Walmart is well known for their bargain prices on everything from groceries to household supplies, toys and automotive products. They even sell auto insurance online. So, why not offer health care services, too? Well, they already have. Yes, Walmart has already opened five primary care clinics in South Carolina and Texas and plans to open even more by the end of the year.

Why health care?

Walmart's plan is to offer primary care centers that will provide both preventative as well as treatment of chronic health conditions such as diabetes. Of course, the health care services, like other Walmart products and services, will be offered at their legendary bargain prices. According to Walmart executives, the move will enable the retailer giant to serve more people living in rural America. The move seems a good match since that is also where Walmart has a strong presence.

Pros and cons

A recent statement by the American Academy of Family Physicians, however, warned that "While retail clinics may provide a limited scope of health-care services for patients, this can ultimately lead to fragmentation of the patient’s health care unless it is coordinated with the patient’s primary care physician’s office." On the other hand, the clinics will provide more choices for people who are still shopping for affordable health care.

Are retail health clinics the answer to America's rising health care costs? What do you think?

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