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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Is My Family Normal or Dysfunctional? -- Here Are 5 Ways You Can Tell

Dysfunctional Families

On the outside, many families appear to be the same. It's what happens inside the family that makes the difference between a healthy family or a dysfunctional family. It all comes down to stress, which every family will experience from time to time. It is how families deal with stress that makes the difference between a healthy and a dysfunctional family.

Here are 5 key differences between a healthy family and a dysfunctional family, per a recent article written by Celeste Stewart, a contributing writer for a popular freelance writer site,
  • A healthy family maintains routine in the family and establishes house rules, but they are also flexible to change their routine when needed to adjust for unforeseen circumstances.
  • A healthy family sets boundaries in relationships between parents and children. It's important for the family to understand that parents are parents and children are children. When those roles are confused, confusion will lead to trouble.
  • A healthy family solves problems together without blame and with respect for each other.
  • A healthy family is open which means they are not afraid to bring outside help to the family when needed. They openly discuss problems as well as solutions.
  • A healthy family focuses on the solution to the problem rather than family members' reaction. They understand that problems are solvable if they work together and understand the cause.

A dysfunctional family is just the opposite. There is little communication, no established rules or routine, there are often role reversals between parents and children, they react to stress differently, often with violence, and they lash out at each other in stressful situations.

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