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Friday, May 23, 2014

Top 5 Best Foods to Buy Organic

Why buy organic?

Organic foods are free of pesticides and chemicals. Organic farmers use natural fertilizers and weed-control rather than chemicals. Although there are various opinions on how much these chemicals harm humans, most people would agree that it is a good idea to avoid chemical ingestion whenever possible. So, organic is here to stay and growing increasingly popular.

The cost of organic

Organic food, however, is often more expensive to produce. It is more labor-intensive, and that cost is passed on to the consumer. However, not all organic foods are more expensive, such as fruits, vegetables, coffee and cereal. So, although you might not be able to afford to buy everything on your grocery list organic, here are the top 5 foods recommended to purchase organic all the time.

#1 - Potatoes - even after peeling and washing, more than 80 percent of conventional potatoes still contain pesticides and chemicals, according to the USDA. So, buying organically-grown potatoes is a must.

#2 - Beef - Americans are some of the biggest beef eaters in the world. But that beef contains hormones and medicines that have been fed to beef cattle and ends up in your steak or hamburger. These hormones and chemicals can be harmful to your health, depending on how much beef you consume each week.

#3 - Milk - An average American family can drink about 2-3 gallons or more of milk a week. Conventionally raised daily cows are given hormones to keep them healthy and producing more milk. But these chemicals are passed onto consumers. Would you want to give your children milk with chemicals?

#4 - Apples - Conventional apples contain chemicals, and most of these chemicals are in the peel. But many people eat the peel because it contains so many good nutrients. If this is you, you might consider switching to organic apples.

#5 - Strawberries - ever wonder why those strawberries look so nice and red and are so large? Fungicides. Yuck! Strawberries are very good for you, so put this one on your list of must-haves for organic.

Buy organic whenever you can. Your body and the environment will thank you!
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