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Monday, May 12, 2014

The Real Scoop on Sugar -- 6 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Overindulge

Why does everything that is bad for you have to taste so good? When it comes to sugar, most people crave it. Sugar in moderation is not going to kill you, but too much sugar can either kill you or shorten your life.

So, in an effort to encourage everyone to watch how much sugar they consume, here are all the bad side effects from eating too much sugar.

#1 Sugar is bad for your heart - too much sugar can not only lead to heart disease but also increase the risk for heart failure by interfering with the heart's normal pumping action.

#2 Leptin resistance - too much sugar produces a hormone leptin resistance. This means that when people eat too much sugar and become obese, the signal to the brain that one has had enough does not get delivered. The danger is that there are no symptoms that leptin levels are getting higher.

#3 Cancer - too much sugar consumption is linked to cancer.

#4 Liver damage - too much sugar can damage the liver, the same way that alcohol can.

#5 Brain damage - too much sugar has been linked to brain deficiencies, lowering memory capacity as well as cognitive function.

#6 Shorter life - too much sugar can shorten your life span with chronic disease risk such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
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