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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Find Out What Restaurant Employees Are Calling The Worst Fast Foods Ever!

It's no secret that fast food is full of everything that is bad for us. But it seems there is bad, and then really bad, meaning the worst of the worst, according to restaurant employees who serve the fast food. In fact, they think some of it is so bad that even they would not recommend eating it.

Here are 8 of the very worst, according to comments from restaurant employees.

  1. Hot dogs at ball games - grilled hot dogs are put in pans of water until sold, and unsold hot dogs are stored back in the refrigerator for two days or more.
  2. Popcorn at the movies - popcorn left over from the movie theater is the first popcorn sold the next night.
  3. Wendy's chili - the meat comes from leftover meat off the grill.
  4. Taco Bell beans - comes with directions to stir until you can't see white anymore.
  5. Panera - pasta is microwaved, and cupcakes and coffeecakes all are frozen.
  6. Gas station slurpees - machines contain mold.
  7. KFC - BBQ sandwiches are made from chicken so old that the homeless shelters won't take it.
  8. Einstein’s Bagels - don't use real eggs, and microwaved bagels can sit for extended periods of time.
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