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Friday, January 31, 2014

Not All Yogurts are Good For You -- Top 5 Best and Worst Yogurts

We all know that yogurt can be good for you. Yogurt contains healthy bacteria that helps with digestion. But but not all yogurts are the same. Eating yogurt can be healthy, but eating the right kind of yogurt is even healthier.

Here are the top 5 best and worst yogurts for health, according to GoodGuide, a California-based business that has been providing information on consumer products since 2007. The company consists of a team of specialists in chemistry, nutrition, environmental engineering and sociology.

Top 5 Best Yogurts

Oikos - rates a 10 for health* with their organic Greek nonfat plain and fat-free organic Greek plain.
Stonyfield - also rates a 10 in health for their Oikos Greek plain and Oikos Greek plain organic yogurt.
Dannon - Light and Fit vanilla also rates a 10.
Brown Cow - comes in with a 10 as well in health for their plain smooth and creamy Greek yogurt.
Straus - organic Greek nonfat yogurt rates a 9.8.

Top 5 Worst Yogurts

Greek Gods - vanilla yogurt and fig yogurt rate the lowest at 2.0 in health.
Colombo - banana strawberry, and their fruit-on-the-bottom banana strawberry nonfat rate 2.5.
Chobani - Almond Coco Loco comes in at 2.7.
ShopRite - fruit-on-the-bottom raspberry lowfat yogurt also rates a 2.7.
ShopRite - fruit-on-the-bottom strawberry banana lowfat rates a little higher at 2.8.

* health rating = nutrition value

Not all yogurts provide the same nutritional value, so be sure to choose one that is going to give you the best in the way of low calories, low sugar and fat, and high nutritional value. Also, try to choose a plain and add your own fruit. This will help cut down on the calories. Always read the label for contents and calorie count. Many yogurts are over 200 calories and contain modified corn starch and sugar.
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