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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Germs Can Make You Sick -- 5 Places You Never Thought to Find Them!

This is the season when many people end up with colds and the flu. It's understandable because colds and flu are caused by bacteria, or germs, and people are more susceptible as they spend more time indoors close to others. Bacteria can be found anywhere, but there are some sources you may never have thought to find them.


A toothbrush offers a moist place that encourages the growth of bacteria. In addition, it is a shocking fact that flushing the toilet can actually send bacteria into the air and on your toothbrush. So, use extra caution by always putting the toilet seat down before flushing and replacing your toothbrush every three or four months.


Handbags go everywhere with women. They sit on floors, sidewalks, desks (more about desks later), public restrooms, and other public places where thousands of people have been. They are loaded with bacteria. One recent study showed one purse alone had 6.7 million bacteria.

3-Desks, telephones, computers

Desks at work are not only where you work but where others stop and visit, pass by on even sit. Work desks are where people eat, cough, sneeze and breathe bacteria. In fact, there are more germs on desks than there are on toilet seats! And don't forget about your telephone and computer at work. These are also good collection points for all sorts of bacteria.


If you wash your pillow regularly, you are taking the right step toward eliminating bacteria. We are talking about the pillow itself, not just the pillow case. Pillows contain mold, bacteria and dust mites and are one of the biggest sources of infection in hospitals.

5-Anything you touch in public

Consider your daily routine and how many things in public you touch without thinking about it. Examples include touch pads for ATM machines, store checkouts, and vending machines; elevator buttons; door handles; and gas pumps, just to name a few. These are areas where tons of other people have come in contact with and are breeding areas for bacteria.

How to protect yourself

Germs are everywhere; you can't avoid them. But you can protect yourself by being aware of their location. In public, be sure to always carry and use antibacterial wipes to clean surfaces after touching them, like grocery cart handles and ATM machines, and the bottom of your handbag. Also carry a bottle of hand sanitizer and use it often when you're in public places. At home, wash all bedding and linens, including your pillow often. At work, clean your desk, computer and telephone often with antibacterial wipes to avoid the spread of germs.

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