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Sunday, November 3, 2013

What is the Government Doing to Fix the Healthcare Website?

Since the rollout of the U.S. government's new healthcare website, where millions of Americans can shop for health care insurance, technical problems have threatened the site's ability to do what it was designed to do. Millions of Americans flooded the Internet to search for affordable health care insurance, only to be met with one technical website problem after another that prevented them from signing up. So, what is the government doing to make the system more efficient?

Technology requires experts, especially when it comes to a major program like that is to serve millions of Americans. Many experts have been either recruited or volunteered to lend a hand with their expertise. One of those experts is Oracle who stated that their role is to try "to make more reliable and secure."

Oracle is an American computer technology corporation, and the second largest software maker, with Microsoft being number one. Computer hardware and software is their business, which makes them an excellent choice to help solve the problems with the government's website. Another good recruit is a Google site reliability engineer by the name of Michael Dickerson. Dickerson will be working directly with the company who is upgrading the website.

The White House has given their word that will be working smoothly by November 30. In the meantime, these technology experts are certain to teach the government a thing or two about alpha and beta computer product testing.
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