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Saturday, October 12, 2013

LITTER -- 5 Ways It Can Be Dangerous to Your Health

People litter all the time without thinking about the consequences. It's a people problem that can easily become a real health problem for humans as well as animals.

Litter can come from motorists discarding cigarette butts, paper, food, and other debris along the highway, or from businesses. Much of it is not dangerous but is unsightly. But there are other kinds of litter that can actually be dangerous to the health of both humans and animals. Here are just 5 dangerous forms of litter to avoid.

1. Food - rotting food attracts rats and mice and can spread a potentially deadly disease called Leptospirosis (Weil's disease). 

2. Medicine and chemicals - these items can cause a serious health hazard to curious children and lead to poisoning, allergic reactions and chemicals burns.

3. Broken glass and metal - can cause cuts, leading to Tetanus. The bacteria from these materials causes spasms to the muscles of the face and jaw and be fatal.

4. Feces -  50 percent of dog feces contains the Toxocara canis  roundworm, which is very dangerous to humans. About 50 cases a year actually lead to blindness.

5. Needles - discarded needles can cause blood borne infections such as Hepatitis B and C and lead to serious health problems affecting the liver.

There are laws against littering for a very good reason. It's not just about making the countryside, city streets, and neighborhoods look better. It's vital for every one's health and well being.
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