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Sunday, October 6, 2013

3 Unhealthy Practices to Avoid When Doing Your Laundry

Keeping your home and your clothes clean is a good way to help prevent staph infection and other bacteria. But did you know that how you do your laundry can make a difference between being healthy and inviting dangerous health hazards? Here are three things you should avoid when doing laundry.

1. Don't hang your clothes inside to dry

Hanging clothes up inside the house to dry can add an additional one half gallon of water into the air you breathe. This can create mold spores that can cause lung infections. People who dry their clothes indoors increase the risk of developing mold spores in their homes by 300 percent.

2. Don't use fabric softeners

Many fabric softeners and fabric softener sheets on the market today contain chemicals that are carcinogens. In other words, they contain cancer-causing chemicals. Ever wonder why they smell so good? The fragrances are used to cover the smell of the chemicals. So, you end up smelling and wearing dangerous chemicals. Instead, look for natural products, like dryer bags or balls that contain dried lavender. Or make your own by filling your own laundry bag made of cotton muslin with your favorite dried herbs.

3. Don't use more electricity than necessary

Clotheslines are back! Unless you have a condo or homeowners association with restrictions against outside clotheslines, this is a great way to dry your clothes outside, keeping the dampness out of the house and a fresh, outdoor smell in your clothes.

If you're trying to save on electricity, sort your clothes by their weight. Dry light clothes together and towels separately. This will help you control the amount of time your clothes will need to dry completely. It will also save time and energy.

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