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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Give Bacon a Break -- It Can Be GOOD For You!

A previous article spoke about the importance of eating breakfast. Breakfast gives you the opportunity to give the body a third of its daily requirement of protein, fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Well, you can add bacon to the list of breakfast foods that can actually be good for you!

As with all foods, balance is important. That is especially true with bacon. One slice has 43 calories, 3.3g of fat and 185mg of sodium. But, in moderation, bacon is also a good source of protein and B-vitamins. Here are some of the benefits of eating bacon.

1. Protein - just three strips of bacon gives you over half the protein you need in one day.

2. B Vitamins - including B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, are all found in bacon. The B vitamins are important for healthy nerve function and even help reduce headaches.

3. Reduces sugar cravings - instead of reaching for a candy bar, eat a slice of bacon. Bacon contains healthy fat and will take the edge off those sugar cravings. Healthy fat is much better for you than processed sugar.

4. Bacon's 5th taste sense - it's called umami, a unique savory or meaty taste found in bacon that makes it an excellent addition to any salad or dish. Adding a little bacon and a little less heavy dressing will decrease the calories and increase the benefits of a healthy meal.

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